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Real estate investing

Are you selling business-, office-, or industrial premises?

Practicing property investment mostly around Jyväskylä gives us the ability to have our finger on the pulse not only of the real estate markets but also of the financial markets. Because we invest ourselves, we can give you quality advices from the point-of-view of an investor.

If you are selling business-, office-, or industrial premises, do contact us. Residential premises are also a part of our investment portfolio.

Solutions to real estate development

We’re working regularly with properties that need some sort of real estate development. Often an empty property needs an alteration of plan to find a new user, be it a tenant or an owner occupant. This being just an example, it demonstrates a situation where a professional gives you invaluable help.

The property development is often executed by the buyer. Nevertheless, to ask for the best price of a property in need of development, the seller must also know facts and details of the procedure. We are here to help you in these situations with our knowledge.

Good networks to property investors, construction firms and other actors of the industry help solving even those challenging situations.

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