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We operate in the areas of Jyväskylä and Middle Finland.

Jyväsylän AG-Kiinteistöt Oy has been providing real estate services since 1993, which has brought the company experience, knowledge and an extensive network around Middle Finland. The first 20 years the company’s focus was on brokerage of residential premises and among others it was part of the real estate chain Kiinteistömaailma. Among others, we were involved in the real estate chain Kiinteistömaailma. Currently the focus is on brokerage of business premises.

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Why use a real estate agent?

The law doesn’t require usage of a real estate agent. However, having a professional in your team often gives you irreplaceable help when it comes to jurisdiction, sales and marketing. Real estate agents provide you with their network and professionally prepared documentation related to acquiring, selling or investing on real estate.

We are working with a wide professional network of property owners in the area of Middle Finland. If you’d like to take advantage of our network, please contact us. Let’s find a solution to any problem you might have regarding real estate.

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